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Young people don't necessarily consider that a crucial factor when pairing up." "Foreign men are much better-looking" Saara, 32, from Jyväskylä has had roughly a dozen short-term relationships with foreign men.In her experience, foreign men are easier to talk to, better-mannered and considerate by nature.Todd, a 25-year-old engineer from Australia, describes his recent nine-week business trip to Finland as unforgettable.

"Women are perhaps drawn by the self-confidence of foreign men and partly by the stereotype of a hot Latin lover." Indeed, stereotypes may to a degree explain the popularity of foreign men, confirms Johanna Leinonen, a research coordinator at the University of Turku.

"Many Finns admire the American culture and associate the French with a number of positive images stemming from films and literature," she points out.

The duo posed next to each other in T-shirts by designer pal Adam Selman.

Interestingly, singer Selena Gomez - who was best friends with Petra - appears to have just unfollowed the photographer on Instagram.

Säävälä, in turn, estimates that the phenomenon may spread among friends similarly to any other social phenomenon.

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