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The rate of pay for the employee will be determined in accordance with the provisions of NAC 284.172 governing an employees pay on promotion. In case of a layoff, the temporarily assigned employees class of layoff is his or her former class.

An incumbent who has reverted to his or her previous class is entitled to the step, pay progression date and status of appointment he or she would have attained if he or she had not been appointed to the temporary class. The pay progression date of an employee who is promoted pursuant to this section will be determined in accordance with the provisions of NAC 284.182.

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If an employee does not meet the minimum qualifications to reclassify his or her position, the employee is not eligible for promotion, but may be eligible for a special adjustment to his or her pay pursuant to NAC 284.206. The establishment of a new class or reallocation of a class in an occupational study which results in a fiscal cost becomes effective when the funding is provided by the Legislature in the biennial operating budget for this State. From the date on which the Division of Human Resource Management formally announces the beginning of an occupational study until the date on which the occupational study becomes effective: (a) An existing position in the occupational study that has a significant change may only be reclassified to an existing class.

No position will be reclassified to a higher grade through the individual classification process if the incumbent does not meet the minimum qualifications for the higher level position.

An incumbent who meets the minimum qualifications for an individual reclassification as provided in NAC 284.126 may be reclassified to a higher level.

The time served in the temporary class is counted for seniority purposes if it was in the same occupational group, as provided in NRS 284.171. 10-26-84; A 10-27-97; R043-99 & R098-99, 9-27-99; R146-01, 1-18-2002; R147-01, 1-22-2002; A by Personnel Commn by R133-12, 10-4-2013) 1.

In no case, however, may a retroactive adjustment because of an administrative or clerical error exceed 6 months after the date of receipt. If an agency makes or anticipates making a significant change in the duties for a position or the agency anticipates a reorganization which will require the reclassification of an existing position, the reallocation of an existing class or the creation of a new class, it shall advise the Budget Division of the Office of Finance or, in the case of the Nevada System of Higher Education, the budget division of the applicable institution.

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