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to read Barbara Steels’ recollections of Prince Rupert School (PRS), Wilhelmshaven, (West) Germany, from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, as well as her description of The Wilhelmshaven Association (TWA) and the archival work that she has undertaken on its behalf.

My father was in the desert for the duration of the war.’newspaper, a lady with local knowledge and an excellent memory, and some research on our part, we have identified the family of a First World War soldier photographed in Welshpool. To see a sentimental postcard illustrating a family’s farewell, along with a family photograph from World War I, and to read about the Imperial War Museum’s ‘Faces of the First World War’ project, click to read Tim Roberts’ recollections of where his family was posted while he was growing up; of their accommodation, transportation and domestic help; of his education and extracurricular activities; of aspects of ‘mess life’ like children’s Christmas parties; and his reflections on how his army childhood has affected him.

The small boy is obviously dressed in his best, while his mother’s hairstyle and clothes suggest the 1920s or 1930s. In Part V of his account of life as an army child, Leslie Rutledge recalls moving to Sennelager, (West) Germany, and gaining three more sisters there, before briefly living in a hostel in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.

His soldier–father has a long row of medal ribbons on his chest. Riddle’.‘I think that Patricia and Margaret, my twin sisters, died at two and six weeks, the death certificate stating “inertia”. Click for Part II of Leslie Rutledge's story, in which he tells of his father briefly returning to civvy street in Wales before rejoining the Royal Engineers in 1954 and then being posted to Korea, leaving his growing family behind in Perham Down, Wiltshire.

Losing money when customers did not return the gloves, Feuchtwanger's wife suggested serving the sausages in a roll instead.

Another possible origin for serving the sausages in rolls is the pieman Charles Feltman, at Coney Island in New York City.

Others are credited with first serving hot dogs on rolls.

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