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Co-written with Nova Scotian writer/director Chaz Thorne (Just Buried), it is the story of class struggle, racial tensions and boxing, set in the Canadian east coast port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.The film premiered on February 11, 2007, at the Berlin International Film Festival. She gave me the worst death stare I have ever gotten.

Prepare for plenty of laughs with a little romance thrown in for good measure. When Harry Met Sally If you’ve never heard of this movie, where have you been?

Released in 1989, this classic film still remains one of the best loved romantic movies of all time.

Starring the late departed Heath Ledger, the film is based around Kat (Julie Stiles) and her sister Bianca.

When young newcomer Cameron falls for Bianca, he comes up with a plan to woo her.

It’s actually pretty difficult to narrow them down, but here you’ll find our recommendations for 20 of the top romantic movies. The Notebook If you’re looking for the ultimate, soppy, make you cry movie, The Notebook is hard to beat.

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