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of course, l e be pleased thin to net it in the wav I hare i tlone U. Fearing he.could npt penil upon collecting enough m meet ajtoto due that d PERSONAL IMl LITER AH Y. i -Marian Httrland, the novelist, is Iriting n history of Virginia. Rogers had planned, and counted; and of tic Singer Sewing Machine ( ompan .

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' At eve mv tniant came again— I knew, for I hud watched It so; But now. 'Mid sand and stones he found no rest— A hollow place and then a plain. He mm ed again —'twas Mercy's thought — His final rest was all he sought; Hereached th" verge and fell from s'ght. " "You don't mean to tell me that you can't spare two hundred dollars? It had been up-hill work au the way, and there was still harder climbing to do, but Mr. How pitiful that he could not have the hand and heart of his wife to help him in the last and most difficult part of the journey. There are always enough who are ready and will- ing to widen the breach between a man and his wife, and on this occasion Mrs. The gentle, generous, dignified and hard-working Mr. \ —Fashionable ladies are now afl Lcted wih a new stvle of wa'k celled the *• Sberon limp." It is a cross between ■DMUtd-go- fetch-it and the progress of a bunion-tortured pilgrim, fftntbury A'nr,. "didn't I tell you not p est tint candy until after dinner.'"' John ai«, who" lisps: •• I a n t eating the caidy, I'm only thiicking the juitho. "Brother Harry" kept the business straight, and now Mr Rogers has a hand in his both tender and strong, made so by keen sufleriof and honest repentance. The genial humorist who sits up alone on the peak of East Hill, and from his elevated perch looks down upon Elmira for his inspiration in courting the comic muse, has been somewhat out of health this summer.

And all beyond was dark as night, fie made no effort now to soar. As though he felt tbit life no more Had auirht for hint but to repent. e a good investment of money." "Yes, but if one hasn't the money to invest ? and her voice trembled with the iutvnsity of her feeling. Mary, but 1 shall not be able to take even two hundred dollars from my business this summer." I should like to know what you do with your money? and I should think you would be ashamed of vourself, William Rogers." There was no replv to this, but the man's face, as he turned to leave the room, looked haggard and drawn, as if from a long illness. But it was a matter of conscience with this gentleman, and xvhatever the results, he had certainly acted according to his light. She needed the sympathy of her friends, she told herself. She told of past disagreements, and dwelt with real pleasure on the occasions when she had her own way in spite of her husband. ri»ht shoulder, mv dear'.' ' -aid she to him as they roamed down the walk. Rogers could humbly beg her husj band's forgiveness.

unless the reins nominal richne-^, ptjgl unprofitable, r ground, ."Uly H parl- 5 r f j,tie- 1»ITI I« If their stockholdet V Ajrtesrnt tie considerable ex. — The following conversation between two hard-looking cases, was overheard in the alley in thu rear of the Texas Mj Tinf/s oflice: " What are you going I to do for a living this winter." "I 11 have to break into some house or other. Popping the question at table hag made the name ot modest litt'e . l'arr to fill a n'che in the histories of Sentiment.

ifrijeat otfc some sup- posed discoveries of fflpafdre in Wx - timing. mines overlook I he coppdr ere situated; t that a vein of lis Rocky Mount- transportation fa- controlled d.s, and when :s everything »••' ' ■ worthless- and will not ; worth ani ' .;..,;) tb mines of Lake Sft^Bw' ', : ' practical s ntrol tho* Amc/l O' » markets, are ex- ^ts^R*" 11 °* t' 1P ■ Ls'i i sharp U ' ii-la- ains, a region to t M distribu ,e Laud * from these poln is to be haulm ■ k n l to di and Icfidc John tiolilenbenr's Fortune. I reckon." '•Then \oiiwill be locked up in jail." "In that ease I'll have to break out. 11 — A worldly fa' her, after the stj-le of Lord Chesterfield, is giving good ad • ice to his son, who is about to enter socie- ty: "And. I$ut if you must llfrt, or fall in love, sir, be sure that it is with a | reity woman. " " Be- caa- 1 ' some other fellow will be sure to lie attracted an 1 to cut \ou out before any harm has been done.

The hall is narrow ami there are no chairs por richly-upholstered sofas to be n. Passing quickly through the hall, the guest is led up stairs, also of stone or marble, and into his room. He was at the time on the staff of General Wintertiold. TImml WS£g ei^f lent sold ers, and o.nl^F gitilly ut us M-k of the divisforj been assaulted, be pardoned, .' he would par one had held one OOght pardon one. my lad ' holding toward him meanwhile the dish ol ma malade They jvo re married -oon after ami at all re- eurring anniversaries a Pnrmefsa cheese grac»d the i as'.

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