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In this sample, one sits above the sendero going into the hills west of El Pizote, near Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, 6/21/99, and ) was recorded as he flew high overhead near Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, in the SE corner of the country.

(204K) Illustration by Dana Gardner Purple Gallinule() - with lots of frogs! (116K) )(115K) Here's a Second Sample - Breeding Display (250K) For the Jacanaphile only!

This 24-second sample of Jacana talk is quite nice, but may take a few minutes to download (512K) Another Jacanaphile sample This one's a threesome, 21 seconds (319K).

For a good primer on these fascinating and beautiful birds, take a look at Godfrey Jackson's Jacana pages. " (Silly mnemonic device: The Short-billed is a "Short order cook") Scaled Pigeons () are beautiful birds, uncommonly so for a pigeon, with a scaled nape and breast, and white-tipped red bill (like a Red-bill's).

Illustration by Dana Gardner Spotted Sandpipers () calls in the distance at Manuel Antonio, 6/12/98. This one lives near Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, a few miles from La Selva, 11/13/98.

Laughing Falcon songs sometimes last a few minutes - they start softly and slowly, building to a crescendo in pitch and volume - a magical sound.

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