Radiocarbon datingcarbon exchange reservoir

Thus, air-sea gas exchange paired with slow internal mixing in the oceans lead to a disequilibrium in radiocarbon activity between the atmosphere and the ocean, which is known as the Marine Reservoir Effect (MRE).

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The ocean radiocarbon concentration responds to the factors controlling the MRE, such as the air-sea gas exchange and ocean dynamics.

These phenomena, in turn, respond to climate factors such as temperature, wind speed and sea-ice cover.

These carbon 14 atoms then instantaneously react with oxygen present in the atmosphere to form carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide formed with carbon 14 is indistinguishable from the carbon dioxide with the other carbon isotopes; hence the pathway of carbon 14 into the ocean, plants, and other living organisms is the same as that of carbon 12 and carbon 13.

Each compartment in the global carbon cycle stores and recycles carbon, but the magnitude of the storage and the rate of exchange vary enormously between them.

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