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Even my Over the years my work has become associated with Christmas.That’s understandable, I do a lot of Christmas art.They keep us on our toes and stimulate the imagination. One of the ways I like to create surprises in my art is with color, a splash of bright purple where you wouldn’t expect to see it… It’s a small art project you can do on your own…or better yet with friends!

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waiting all year for that one special day to come around. We can lose track of things, not remembering or appreciating the constant growth and change that comes over time.

My dad had a saying, “The best time to plant an oak tree Here’s one of my favorites!

I should probably make up something a little bit more dramatic, with villains and monsters and maybe a laser sword of two.

But until then the real story here will have to do!

You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.

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