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Olmo Gran Sport Miguel//bikemig/ Swallow rondine lugs with no seat lug side slot; forged Campagnolo dropouts; chrome head lugs, fork crown, stay and fork ends, and seat tube panel; Falck tubing PARTS: Magistroni steel crankset with alloy 49-46 chainrings; Ambrosio Champion stem and handlebars; Olmo headset and seatpost collar; Weinmann Vainqueur 999 'engraved' centerpull brakes with single spring; Campagnolo shifters, Gran Sport front and rear derailleur with cable adjuster; Campagnolo Record high flange hubs; Regina freewheel (14-26); Sheffield Sprint pedals; saddle not original DECALS: OLMO GRAN SPORT on downtube, with OLMO in white letters; CAMBIO CAMPAGNOLO winged wheel at top of seat tube DATING: Campagnolo hub locknuts are (19)60; Weinmann Vainqueur 999 center pull brakes changed from one spring to two springs in December 1962, according to Weinmann catalogs; Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur lost its cable adjuster around 1960. Olmo Ron Titensor/CR: May not have swallow rondine lugs in spite of decal ORIGINAL PARTS: "...completely originalincluding fenders, steel stamped Olmo hubs w/ wingnuts, steel stem and bars, steel Magistroni 49/47 crank set.Simplex (made in Italy) derailleurs, the front being the Competition and the rear the Juy-51.

Fender mounts on lower seatstays and fork blades ORIGINAL PARTS: Balilla Brevattato brakes; Magistroni Senior five pin crankset with single chainring. Italia saddle" DATING: if a chromovelato finish was the top model, then this was probably the Gran Sport / Professional Regular model.

DECALS: no decals; painted blue DATING: Owner: "Sport model, 1889 on the seat tube and 17 under the bottom bracket" Serial Number UT 6275 1945 Olmo city bike [Industria Argentina] German via coventryeagle48/Flickr: Swallow rondine lugs with no seat lug side slots; chrome head lugs, fork crown, fork ends, stay ends and dropouts DECALS: Olmo in script on downtube; "Industria Argentina" under Olympic rings at top of downtube; "Campionato Italiano Diletta Iti 1942/43" on seat tube; Olympic rings with Olmo star decal at top of fork legs, and also at transition between paint and chrome on fork legs; OLMO oval on seat tube Serial Number A327 1950s? Olmo city bike cicli2d/e Bay: Swallow rondine lugs with no seat lug side slot; internal routing of top tube brake cable; Agrati dropouts; chrome head lugs, fork crown, stay ends and dropouts ORIGINAL PARTS: Olmo city handlebars; Olmo seat post collar; Olmo crankarms; Universal brakes Serial Number C505 1958? OLMO I believe it is a Professional Regular Road Racing model." Serial Number D234 1958 Olmo [Gran Sport / Professional Regular] John Siemsen/CR: Swallow rondine lugs with no seat lug side slot; Campagnolo dropouts; chrome head lugs; chrome fork crown; chrome fork tips and seat and chain stay ends; chrome seat tube band; "it was not a chromo velato finish, just a faded red." BRAZE-ONS: none ORIGINAL PARTS: "Except for saddle and Record rear derailleur, and likely rims, looked to be kitted as original with earliest Campagnolo alloy crankset with the pedal dust covers that came out in 1958. Owner: "I believe the bike is ~1958." Open C Campagnolo dropouts date to the 1950s Serial Number D318 1958 Olmo [Professional Deluxe] Brandon Ives: Swallow rondine lugs; Campagnolo dropouts, "rear dropout is drilled for a Sport rear der" ORIGINAL PARTS: "Ambrosio bar and stem, Mafac Dural Forge brakes, ...

Olmo Rondine David Rapley/Racing Bicycles: 100 years of Steel, pp 100-101.

Google Books Swallow rondine lugs with seat lug side slot; chrome head lugs and fork crown; chrome stay and fork ends; Campagnolo Cambio Corsa dropouts and fork ends BRAZE-ONS: top tube brake cable ORIGINAL PARTS: 4 speed Campagnolo Cambio Corsa; Campagnolo hubs; Nisi 36 hole rims; Magistroni Senior five pin crankset with 48t chainring; Olmo headset; Brooks B17 saddle; Balilla brakes; Silver blue paint DECALS: decal remnant on top of seat tube; otherwise, none DATING: book author says bike is 1948, from an Olmo team mechanic Serial Number 889 1946-1951? ] bg.legendary.bikes/e Bay: may not be an Olmo; seller does not say it is an Olmo in the listing and description; does not have swallow rondine lugs; chrome forks; Campagnolo Cambio Corsa dropouts and fork ends REPAINTED...

Campagnolo crank arms have a date code starting in 1973, consisting of a diamond (1970's) or circle (1980's) with a number in the center denoting the last digit of the year of manufacture, and then in 1985-9 with square and number in the center: 11 = 1985, 21 = 1986, 31 = 1987, 41 = 1988, 51 = 1989 plus some other examples.

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