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At the secondary level, programs become more specialized and in-depth.

For example, a physical education teacher at this level might teach a class in aerobics or rock climbing.

As designed with the assistance of conceptual frameworks, you will learn to incorporate a structured program with class activities that assist the special learner with a sense of accomplishment and the benefits of exercise.

Physical education teachers are expected to assess, evaluate and provide programs that engage all students and provide the health and awareness that accompanies a healthy and fit body.

In addition to teaching methodology classes, health and physical education majors take classes in exercise physiology, kinesiology, health and wellness and activity courses like tennis, basketball, and aerobics.

All 50 states require health and physical education teachers to be licensed.

As related to coordinated movement and motor skills, activity planning is integrated with the age-related capabilities of agility, balance, coordination and strength.

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