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The damage is done: To destroy is easy, but to build is difficult and time-consuming.Trump seems all-too-willing to work with the Russian playbook.

Perhaps it can get kicked down the road and stay in a state of annoying limbo. Unfortunately the South knows it will only get blown up as the inevitable pawn in any confrontation between North Korea and the United States anyway ...

so what does President Moon really care about this type of bellicose "protection" by the U. I believe South Korea is ready to sacrifice the nuclear issue and take its chances with the hope that the increasingly strong economic intertwined ties with the North will decrease the likelihood of a direct nuclear or military threat from the North...

Because each advocate is willing to do a scorched earth policy just to prove they are "right," they have willingly sacrificed our national belief in everything we hold dear - our national myth. A society of impatient, self-righteous, self-advocates is a society of spoiled milk.

The concept of a unified presidency, intelligence network, justice system and Congress has been thrown under the bus. Truth has been sacrificed by those jockeying for position. Ripe to be thrown-out and replaced with an entire new bottle. Whether impeachment happens or not, it will be too late anyway.

I believe the United States has effectively been sidelined unless it can find a new sandbox in Japan or the Philippines."Updated on May 24, 2018 - Only hours ago, President Trump canceled the nuclear summit with North Korea's leader Kim Jung Un scheduled to take place in Singapore on June 12.

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