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So it’s going to be a bit more flavourful.” Cured meat and cheese deli boards will make nice afternoon nibbles, enjoyed outside in the sun with a glass of wine.

And, in a real coup for Ipswich, on Friday and Saturday nights from May to September Julian (who has worked at famed Bulli-owned restaurant Tickets in Barcelona) will create authentic tapas.

“Just like nuclear power and artificial intelligence, cloning technology is also a double-edged sword,” said Dr Qiang Sun, one of the scientists responsible for the cloned monkeys, as he and his colleagues assured Chinese state media that they had “no plan to clone humans”.

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This technique involves taking the nucleus, which contains the genetic information, from a donor egg cell, and replacing it with one from another individual’s cell.

Following an electric shock to jump start cell division, the embryo will develop into a clone of the animal that donated the genetic material.

In recent years, champion horses have been replicated in a bid to – in the words of US cloning company Via Gen – “allow breeders to better leverage their most exceptional animals”.

Beloved cats and dogs have been cloned by owners who cannot bear to let go of their favourite pets, while “cloning factories” in China are being used to produce the best livestock in large quantities.

” The Grazing Sheep, on Ipswich Waterfront, is open from 8am to 6pm every day and soon until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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