Single parent dating heber arizona

A divorced woman still is working as a staff member , a pastor still committing emotional adultery , another family destroyed by the "leadership " of this IFB , I moved to a different church ( harvest) I've learned exponentially more over the two years that I have here than over the almost 30 yrs on the movement , I still carry a lot of bagage from my endoctrinaton as a FB but I became at last free .

I've been training to be a biblical counselor, and I am seeing all the contradictions and manipulation that the movement does , I'm working with brothers in the process of being divorced ( not by our own choice ) or those getting out of the ,"JUDGAMENTAL Baptist movement " , please get out of the movement if you are subject to this class of abuse , your generations to come will thank you for that . Say, I just submitted a comment in regards to your response to the lady who had thoughts regarding breaking away, and how difficult it was. ) Anyway, I submitted my comment, and to my slight horror, there was a photo of me (must be through my Google account) that is now alongside my comment.

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The Temple had become corrupt from the influence of sinful men and they turned the sacrifices and the Law into something mechanical that you would just do and then you would be right with God.

The sacrifices of animals were supposed to make you feel sorrow for sin and repent.

Most church members tend to desire to follow the Pastor.

It is my conclusion what we see today is a result of dismal leadership in churches. I am a young, normal, married guy who within the last year found my relationship with God.

He had a favorite few girls who got special privileges and special time with him. The Pastor did not report this abuse to the police, but instead sent his son-in-law out of state to a church in Illinois where I'm told he got the church secretary pregnant.

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