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I hadn’t encountered quite such an extreme view of the future before, except for some fictional exercises like Cormac Mc Carthy’s books depicted a much kinder and gentler re-set to life at the circa-1800 level of living, at least in the USA. Both of us are at odds with the more generic techno-optimists who are waiting patiently for miracle rescue remedies like cold fusion while enjoying re-runs of .

In any case, the outfit really fell apart steadily after the reign of emperor Marcus Aurelius (180 AD).

The Romans had their own version of a financialized economy: they simply devalued their coins by mixing in less and less silver at the mint, so they could pretend to pay for the same luxuries they had grown accustomed to as resources stretched thin.

brh 0 = people who care about your Ayn Rand bullshit.

61= years since people shrugged off the ridiculous book you’re rather sophmorically peddling.

Sheepdog = a new macho meme dredged up through Hollywood gun culture.

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