Stealth dating interracial dating patterns

Lastly, you should also know that if you are not an attractive man, the chances that the Stealth Attraction will work are rather low.You are probably wondering why the program will not work in this case. The Stealth Attraction is a program that aims to teach any man the right techniques he should use to draw the sexual interest of a woman in particular circumstances, namely at parties or in nightclubs.

Unlike many similar programs, the Stealth Attraction is not based on verbal communication but rather on non-verbal approaching techniques that improve men’s ability to connect with women in a sensual way and in a really short time, usually under ten minutes.

La Ruina claims that, if you decide to use the system, you will never have to face rejection ever again and you will be able to successfully transform a new interaction into a viable romantic affair.

La Ruina developed the system with the purpose of helping all those men who suffer from the “approach anxiety”.

The approach anxiety is defined as the anxiety feeling that strikes men when they try to approach a woman they like, with the sole purpose of having a sexual relation with her.

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