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This is called the Cartesian Product of both tables. Having said this, I can remove it if that would make things easier. Then, I tried to enter a second breed into the 'Add Breed' form, and typed into the first field, tabbed to the second, typed into that and then tabbed into the third and typed there. ]For_Key_Breed_Cat is the foreign key that is supposed to link the Cat Info table with the Breeds table through the Breed No field in both tables.

If the tables have 10 records and 3 columns each, the result is 10x10 records and 6 columns. If it helps, I could upload the whole database - there's no data in it at the moment, so it's not like there's anything personal there. However, when I then tabbed off the last field, I received a new popup window reading: Error updating the current record Integrity constraint violation For_Key_Breed_Cat table: Cat Info in statement [UPDATE "Breeds" SET "Breed" = ? I then tried using the navigation bars attached to each form to save the current record, instead of tabbing off the bottom field, I clicked the save record button, and this seems to have worked fine.

I have added a form control to the subform to see if that helps, but all of the options on that are also greyed out.

I have checked that all options are set to allow data entry, and have checked that the relationship is set up correctly (it should be anyway, having been put in place by the Wizard).

As before, I can enter data into the main form, but neither of my subforms allow data entry.

I can click into the fields but cannot type, and both navigation bars (I added one to the second subform to check it also) have all options greyed out.

It has been created from scratch in Base, not copied from elsewhere.

Last modified 22-Jan-2020 04:07