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Andrea gives birth to baby girl Hannah and the gang goes to the hospital to congratulate her and Jesse.Brenda finishes her run as Maggie and is offered a summer placement at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Andrea and Jesse have some tense moments with their newborn; Brenda is offered a chance to study abroad; Dylan's ill-advised business decision angers Jim; David impresses singer Babyface and others with his keyboard play; Brandon needs -and gets- rescuing in the Capital.Jesse meets Andrea's grandmother; Dylan's cool head helps when the heat's on David, who's left holding the bag when his dealer is busted; Brandon keeps his Valentine a secret, while Brenda's is kept secret from her.

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Tori spelling and brian austin green dating

Meanwhile, Brandon is threatened by the hoopster he's tutoring; Brenda and Dylan disagree over a "romantic" poem.

Steve thwarts Sears' libidinous plans at a Thanksgiving charity event; Brandon's wanderlust becomes a quest to find an old friend; Andrea gets a bonus while dining with Dan and his parents; Dylan's change of holiday plans angers Kelly.

Brandon is appointed to an education task force with input to Washington; Dylan uses CPR to save a friend; David comes clean with Donna; Jesse shares his good news, prompting Andrea to keep hers to herself; Cindy enters a masters program at the university.

Jesse disagrees with the choice Andrea makes without him; drugs cost David his roommates and more; Brandon feels left out when Dylan becomes the struggling Peach Pits's white knoight, but finds some solace with an old flame.

For these twentysomethings playing teenagers, the shift from high school to college allows them to relax a bit into their characters and really show off their acting chops.

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