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A warning: If you've never been to a party like this, this scene might convince you to try. Made my first fist experience as well this that and totally understand his need for selffisting...just a great feeling to fly To this day SLAMMED is still my fav Cole film of them all, it just insancely beautiful to watch especially the one on one scenes with kieran and jon (i can here the roar of boo from fellow TIMites "dude what abut the fucking epic gang fuckery of the fucking hungry fuckable Jon, fuck the one on one shit) it just the most erotic beautful and REAL genuine thing (as genuine as u can be when your off your cake) i've ever seen in any film.And if you've had this experience but have been staying away on good behavior, then seeing this might be the trigger that gets you back into the fray. would be hot if we can see how jon's hole has developed. KCNever had an idea what this movie was about until I slammed and fucked for the first time last fall. I don't think this film will ever be beaten or matched. I'm indain and I live in south africa nd I'm 40 yrs old.One of the guys was a fit, hairy cyclist named ENZO.

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By this point in the evening (continuing on from Scene 2), it was clear that JON was well past the point of no return.

KEIRAN organized for several of his top mates to come over and take advantage of JON while he was in this state: hungry, wide open, and wanting every load on offer.

The party continues in the small hours of the morning, with the four remaining guys mellowing out into a warm sexual haze.

By now everybody is fucking everybody, all equally open to each other, in combinations that vary seamlessly from one moment to the next.

Since i pozzed up, got another poz load from one of the lead guys. I would just like 2 say that the couple scenes I was able 2 purchase at the time was VERY HOT (have yet 2 get any of the others, though) and I have a BIG request.... Fuck now this is what i dream about here in Capetown to happen to me! Would def get slammed and would def want to be the only bottom with all these fucken hard horny tops Best Porn i have ever seen in my life.. Is there a time stamp in the movie someone could direct me to.

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