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(as in TK and company) Coca-Colacockblock colorblock (one word, all uses; preferred to colorblocked) color-correcting (one word, all uses)come (v.); cum (n.) — (omg yes, this is really here)comic con (for a generic comic con); adhere to self-stylization for specific cities (e.g., New York Comic Con, San Diego Comic-Con)coming-out (n., adj.); come out (v.)company and institution names: Refer to a company as it, not they.

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Generally, AP Style trumps Merriam-Webster, but any style point mentioned in this guide overrules those publications.

This style guide provides a reference to common words and terms used on Buzz Feed (see: Word List) and information on style issues particular to the site.

(e.g., There were more than 20 people packed into the apartment, The plane flew over the Atlantic Ocean.)Mo MA (for Museum of Modern Art)mother-effingmpreg Muay Thaimugshot mustache 'n' (when using in place of and, e.g., mac 'n' cheese)Nae Nae (dance move)nap time NARS (the cosmetics brand)NASCARNasdaq National Airport or Washington National Airport: preferred over Reagan National Airport Native American (not American Indian, unless a person self-identifies as such); Native is also used as an adj.

to describe things specific to the population Necco (not NECCO)nerdom Netflix and chill (n.

Con Edison, Con Ed (OK on second reference)copydeskcopyedit (v.)Craigslistcray-cray (as slang for crazy)creepshotcringeycrop topcrossfire Cross Fitcross-postcrow's-feet (n.)crowdfund (all forms)crowdsource (all forms)crowdsurfcueing (not cuing) d-bagdab, dabbing (dance move)dadbod (and similar constructions, one word for all forms)dancehall (music genre)Dark Web, Deep Webdashcamday care (two words)Day-Glo (trademark, used for fluorescent materials or colors); dayglow (airglow seen during the day)deadlift (one word, n.

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