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The power of this argument against their worldview is recognized by many atheists (they would agree with Warren in his assessment of the need for purpose), and they believe that they have found a way to undermine the soundness of the defeater of their worldview. In order to undermine the defeater, the atheist recognizes that there must be some way to give people’s lives purpose.Since they do not have a Creator to provide such a purpose, they must look elsewhere.

If life is pointless, as atheism necessarily implies, then there is no reason to want to continue to live.

This is, quite literally, an unlivable philosophy for life, and if atheism necessarily implies this philosophy, then atheism is not just unlivable, but completely incompatible with living.

Without an ultimate purpose to deal with the struggle, pain, and suffering involved in trying to create our own individual purposes numerous times throughout our lives, doing this time and time again becomes tedious, and when we realize that we become more willing to question such a delusion.

As we personally experience the futility of trying to create our own purposes, something about this never-ending process becomes painfully apparent. ” philosopher Ravi Zacharias stated it succinctly: “If you don’t have ultimate purpose, all these tiny little purposes are nothing else but ways to tranquilize your boredom.” Tranquilizing our boredom becomes the atheist’s ultimate purpose, but who or what established that that is, in fact, their ultimate purpose?

And if a worldview is incompatible with living, it cannot be true.

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