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It's nice to say that life isn't a competition and all, but how much better do you feel when you see your ex got fat, ugly, or is dating someone fatter and uglier than you?

Hopefully it's all of the above, with a good amount of unreached potential in the mix.

Confronting hidden fears and emotional implications from the past can escalate very painful experience.

The higher percentage of Spiritual Connections (connections from a spiritual spread) means that you have share previous life experiences together.

But you can see how the story starts, and sometimes you can see how it ends.

A perfect mix of bubble gum charm, high school naivety, and unfortunate matching wardrobe choices, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the ultimate pop power couple and the icon of young love.

He may become the most significant person in her life, shaking her world, uncovering secrets, destroying sets of old beliefs and stereotypes, challenging deep fears and unresolved issues.

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