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His electability gave the government of the suburban county of 530,000 a continuity it needed for growth early in his chairmanship.

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He also served as chairman of the Atlanta Regional Commission, a metro planning group, and the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia. Maloof proved to be a survivor in politics and in overcoming lifelong health problems.

Twice prematurely administered last rites for complications stemming from diabetes, he survived a recall attempt in 1982 that failed because of a shortage of petition signatures.

As De Kalb CEO from 1985 to 1992, commission chairman from 1980-84 and a commissioner from 1974-78, Mr.

"— or worse — retorts to other elected officials seeking an audience or reporters wanting interviews with him. Maloof ruled a pair of unlikely domains: on the one hand as the Democratic chief executive officer of the $213 million-a-year De Kalb County government, and on the other as the principal owner of Manuel's Tavern on North Highland Avenue.

A sickly child who suffered from a condition called himaihyperthy — one side of his body was larger than the other, and he wore a thick-soled shoe to compensate for it — Manuel Maloof was tops in competitions among Georgian newsboys and won trips to New York City and Cuba. During World War II,he was an Army Air Forces mechanic and mess sergeant, stateside and in England, where he met hiswife, Dolly Green.

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