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While filming the programme, the twins were seen attacking the officers restraining them, then in harrowing scenes, breaking free and getting hit by an oncoming vehicle. What made this incident even more terrifying is that Sabina was soon released by police, but on the same day ended up killing Glenn Hollinshead, a man who was helping her locate her sister.

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In an episode taking place in Papua New Guinea, Ross comes face-to-face with an intimidating gang covered in guns, including an actual warrior.

With just him and a couple of his crew meeting the armed group, Ross must have been thinking, "What the hell am I doing here?

However, nor he or the filmmakers knew he still had his microphone on.

While washing his face and talking to himself, Durst makes a number of worrying statements, including "I killed them all, of course".

"And then, after the guns get pointy, Ross grows some big-boy bollocks and squares off with the gang members, shouting back, "You gonna kill me? "The gang were probably more bark than bite, but Ross certainly didn't know that. Louis Theroux refuses to tell a Nazi if he's Jewish Louis has had many tense interviews over the years, including white separatist Eugène Terre'Blanche and the Westboro Baptist Church, but perhaps the most tense of all was his trip to a skinhead household for his film .

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